What goes on the Family Crest Ring

Family Crest Rings are significant pieces of jewelry that are timeless and elegant, created by using the earliest means of identification known to us and id verification ring commonly referred to as the Coat of Arms. Not everyone has a Coat of Arms but the majority of us the are blessed with having a name of European origin appear to have this identification.

There are a number of items that go on the face of the ring that make up the required design and I shall outline these for you and what they mean.

The Crest.

This is the on the top of the ring face as you look down on the ring. It can be a hand with a sword, a bird or indeed an animal. If you look at any Blazon of Arms the top of this is called the crest and it is an integral part of the family crest rings design. If you don’t have a Coat of Arms you certainly won’t have a Crest.

The Wreath.

This is very much like a barbers pole or a very wide rope, but in the olden days it was actually made of silk with a silver or golden cord wound around it and as you can see it was placed between the mantle and the crest.

The Mantle.

In Medieval terminology this is also known as the lambrequin and is a cloth cape worn right from the back of the helmet to keep the armor cool from the heat of the sun. Its color is normally the same color as the shield but today it carries the livery colors of the owners. Crimson lined mantles are normally the colors of peers and the officers of the state and gold ermine is the color of the Royal Family. And when the soldiers and Knights returned home they were very proud to show off their worn and torn mantle because this was an indication that they were involved in a ferocious battle and survived. The cushion family crest rings allow you to place the full blazon of arms on it hence it is very popular.

The Shield.

This is the largest part of the Coat of Arms and the most detailed and significant, because this is where the emblems and insignia belonging to the family is painted or engraved. There are literally thousands of different emblems which make up the many shields that exist today and without this part the rest of the achievement cannot exist. The most common design is the heart shaped shield but you can also have what is know as the boucher shaped shield, this is where a piece is cut out of the dexter side to allow for easier movement of the lance during battle. The size of the shield is about is to eight times that of the helmet, this is an approximate guide. The surface of any shield is called the field and it’s on the filed that the charges are placed these make up the complete design related to the family.

The Ribbon.

When you look at the ” Family Crest Ring” or the “Family Seal Ring” below the blazon you will see a ribbon like design, this is where you will see the family surname or family motto engraved and is the last part to be engraved on the face of this unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.